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About Us

The Store

Johnny Cee Cards has been stocking products and hosting events for the gaming community since it opened it's doors in 2002.  We carry 5,000 Sq. Ft. of Board Games, Comics, Miniatures, Card Games, RPGs, Video Games & Systems, Dice, Supplies, Manga, Toys, POPs, and More!  Our selection is LEGENDARY! Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer your questions and help find the right item for you.  Almost everything we sell is priced below retail.  We pride ourselves on being a ONE-STOP gaming store.  

Our Specialty

In addition to the thousands of Board Games, Video Games, and New Products we stock, the most unique part of store is the singles we carry for our top card games.  We currently stock more than a million singles for Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and more.  Want to finish your favorite deck?  Bring your list and we will get it done.  

The Games

Playing games is the heart of what we do.  Johnny Cee Cards has open gaming tables with seating for 50 players or more at all times.  We have back rooms for your RPG group, small birthday party, or whatever you want to schedule.  Our miniature players battle on 2 enhanced tables with plenty of terrain to utilize whenever they wish.  A great way to help decide which game you want is to use our free DEMO game library.  IT'S HUGE!  We continually schedule events with some of the best Prize Support and Organized Play in the industry.  Our staff plays the games we sell.  They have the experience to answer questions, teach, and share their passion for their favorite games.  Our customer base boasts world champions in several games.  From casual to competitive, from kittens to aliens, from 10 minutes to all weekend, we have the games for you.

The Staff

Nothing makes an owner feel better than reading awesome reviews of the staff that help your customers every day.  Our staff work at the shop because they LOVE games!  Our customers get the benefit of thousands of hours of staff experience using the products we sell.  Whether it is questions, recommendations, solving a problem, or just hanging out to chat about your day, our staff is up to the task.  


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